What’s in a name?

So when you decide to start blogging, you want a creative name. You go out on the web and start looking at other names. You start searching for available names. Do you know how hard that is? Some people are creative with puns. Some people have a well defined interest, purpose or goal. Well not me. I am interested in everything. I like a little knowledge about a broad base of subjects. No specialization for me. (I get bored too quick). Do I have goals? Well of course I do. I’d be silly if I didn’t. It’s just they are usually changing as my interests change. I do have one goal that hasn’t changed and probably will not. It’s just on hold for practical matters. I’ll save that tidbit for a later post, since it looks like I have already gone off the main topic. What’s in a name? I chose Pivotmoon for a couple of reasons. One, I am always on a pivot, I am rooted in one location, but I’m constantly changing my aspect, view or interest. Two, I have always had an affinity for the moon. So much of our lives are based on the cycles of the moon and affects our gravity our moods. And like a pivot it is always changing it’s aspect. So that is what is in my blog name!



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